Plai Chomphu’s condition stable but vets remain concerned 

national October 21, 2017 18:58

By The Nation

The condition of injured wild elephant “Plai Chomphu” was stable as of Saturday afternoon, but the vet team was still concerned about its injuries.

Plai Chomphu had been sent to the National Elephant Centre in Lampang for treatment of severe injuries after being rescued from a canal amid flashfloods in Phitsanulok earlier on Friday.

The vet team on Friday said the male elephant’s condition was stable but its injuries were significant and worrying, including broken rear legs.

A treatment plan was being worked out after an ultrasound found liquid inside its medulla on Plai Chomphu’s hip. The liquid could be blood or lymph. 

Meanwhile doctors gave Plai Chomphu a painkiller and forbade any visitors in the hopes of preventing its sickness from worsening.

Plai Chomphu was resting Saturday afternoon in a stable designed to resemble its natural habitat. Its body was being supported by a crane and stacks of straw.

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