• Photo : JS100 Radio
  • Photo : JS100 Radio

A Jet Airways flight from India to Bangkok receives bomb threat

national September 21, 2017 00:45

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Suvarnabhumi International Airport has exercised an emergency plan after a Jet Airways flight from New Delhi to Bangkok received a bomb threat, Sirote Duangrat, general manager said Wednesday.

JS 100 Radio reported that the airport authorities prepared the plan after the airport’s security centre was alerted through air traffic control centre that the 9W066 flight that was scheduled to land in Bangkok at 8.37pm received a bomb threat.

 As a preliminary measure, the aircraft of the flight was taken to an isolated parking stand at the west of the airport and 153 passengers and eight crew were evacuated from the plane.

 They and their belongings were searched and Explosive Ordinance Disposal were called in to inspect the loaded luggage and then the aircraft. The search is still continuing at the press time.

The JS100 Radio did not say how the airline recieved the threat.

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