Manas Kosol. Photo from
Manas Kosol. Photo from

Activists ask for free coverage for more medical conditions

national September 13, 2017 01:00


AN ACTIVIST network has been pushing to expand the scope of the social security scheme’s medical services.

At present, the scheme does not provide free treatment for 14 health conditions, including infertility and organ transplants aside from kidney, bone marrow and cornea transplants. The provision of eyeglasses is also excluded. 

Manas Kosol, chair of the Social Security Network for Working People, yesterday said the Social Security Office (SSO) should revise the exclusion list. 

“We will have a serious discussion about the list in our meeting next Wednesday [today],” he said. 

He added that there was a pre-existing request that his network had submitted to the SSO regarding health checks. 

“We believe the social security scheme should provide free oral-health checks, free prostrate screening and free colon cancer screening, too,” Manas said. 

 At present, the social security scheme covers about 10 million Thais, most of whom are company workers who have submitted monthly contributions to the scheme in return for benefits, including healthcare. 

Public Health Ministry deputy permanent secretary Dr Amnuay Gajeena, who heads the SSO subcommittee on medical services system development, said the request for additional free health checks had already been forwarded to the SSO medical committee. 

“The committee will look into the details before making any decision,” Amnuay said. 


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