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Thai Air Force to seek action against drone operator

national August 09, 2017 20:19

By Jittraporn Senawong
The Nation

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The Air Force commander-in-chief on Wednesday said his office would seek legal action against the operator of a drone that flew in the vicinity of the Air Force airport, for violating the Confidential Information Act.

Air Chief Marshal Chom Rungsawang was responding to a video clip on social media network, which showed a bird’s-eye view of the Air Force airport shot using the drone’s camera. He did not identify the airport.

He said he had already assigned his legal team to seek action against the drone operator.

He also referred to a separate case in which a white drone was found flying over Don Mueng International Airport at a height of 3,000 feet, in excess of the height drones are allowed to fly.

“That drone could have posed a danger to aircraft, caused an accident and even led to loss of lives and damage to property,” he said. 

The Air Force will seek legal prosecution of that drone’s operator, he said. 

Without offering details, Chom said the Air Force has “special armaments” to block any drone from entering the Air Force compound. 

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