Thais tell Facebook: “This is Thailand – you’re not doing enough to block illegal content”

national August 04, 2017 08:45

By Thai Visa

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The Thai national broadcasting authority has told Facebook they are not doing enough to block content deemed illegal in the kingdom.

Out of more than 2,500 URLs the Thais asked to be taken down in May Facebook has only shut access to 40 per cent

Now they are giving Facebook a Monday deadline to clear up many of the outstanding URLs before considering their next move, Daily News reported.

However YouTube are doing a good job, said secretary of the NTBC Thakorn Tanthasit.

Back at the start of May a court in Thailand decided that 2,556 URLs on Facebook should be closed. Only 1,039 have been.

YouTube were asked to shut 980, and have shut 779 or 79 per cent.

Eighty four other URLs saw sixteen closed, or just 19 per cent.

Thakorn said: “If they are coming into Thailand they have to obey our laws. Facebook are not doing enough to block illegal content”.

The results were for the period of May 1 to July 16. A deadline of August 7 was given for compliance.

On August 8, the NTBC are due to present the results of the requests for bans to the deputy prime minister.

Thakorn said it was not possible to say at this stage what action might be taken if Facebook didn’t shut more URLs by deadline day.

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