Bus firm offers durian transport facility

national May 24, 2017 15:47

By The Nation

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For Thais, durian may be the “King of Fruits” but many foreigners compare its strong odour with smelly socks and even decaying bodies of animals.

Because of the strong odour, durian is not allowed in many public places in Thailand, including public transportation, hotels and aeroplanes.

However, Nakhon Chai Air, a public bus company, has reintroduced a transportation service for durian lovers by allowing them to load the fruit in the hold of the bus. However, passengers will not be allowed to take the fruit to the interior of the bus.

Kruawan Wongrakmit, CEO of the firm, said that since the durian season has arrived, many people wanted to send it to their friends and families or wanted to take the fruit along on a journey. Many were not sure if they would be allowed to carry it in public transport.

She said durian was welcome on Nakhon Chai Air buses but the firm had to be given prior intimation. The fruit would be carefully packed and sealed in boxes provided by the firm. She said the packed durians would loaded in the luggage hold of the bus and would entail extra charges.

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