NRSA considers ethical violation by member in alleged assault

national April 20, 2017 18:27

By The Nation

The National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA) will convene on Monday to consider an alleged ethical violation against member Anusawn Chirapongse, who has been accused of physically attacking a waiter by knuckling his head in a restaurant in mid-March.

If found guilty, he could face a warning or condemnation from the body.

The waiter did not file a complaint against Anusawn after the incident, but asked police to record it. Anusawn reportedly told police there was no ill intent on his part and he would be willing to compensate the waiter.

Anusawn reportedly took exception to being called “Pa” by the waiter. In Thai, one translation of the word connotes a rich man who loves to spend money on entertainment. It can also mean a godfather-like figure.

The NRSA initiated an investigation of a breach of ethics after the incident.

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