3 men arrested in Bangkok drug busts

national January 08, 2017 01:00


THREE SUSPECTS were arrested and a large haul of illicit drugs including almost 10 kilos of crystal meth, or ice, seized in two busts, police said yesterday.

In the first case, Boonyarit Toh-ae, 24, and Jakkrit Maliwan, 22, were arrested in Prawet district in Bangkok on Friday night with 57,420 yaba pills, 3.88kg of crystal meth and 178kg of marijuana, two pistols, 35 bullets and two scales. 

The arrest followed a tip-off |that the two men were selling drugs to customers near Pattanakarn |Soi 69. 

The pair allegedy confessed they had no full-time jobs and took the drugs from a supplier they didn’t know and contacted only by phone for storing and distribution to customers. 

They said they had done this three times before and got paid at different rates depending on drug type, such as Bt4,000 per kilo of crystal meth.

In the second case, Lop Buri farmhand Apilarp Srikrajang, 25, was arrested along with five kilos of crystal meth at the Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal in Taling Chan district on Friday night. 

He allegedly tried to transport the drugs by bus to Chumphon in exchange for Bt50,000 from a hirer identified only as “Em”. 

Apilarp reportedly confessed to having made such a trip twice before to make money and cover his personal expenses.

Deputy national police chief Chalermkiat Sriworakan, who announced details of both cases, said police had been trying to crack down on drug traffickers and would seek to arrest accomplices of the three suspects soon.