Suicide note left at death scene

national September 08, 2016 01:00

By The Nation

A 78-year-old ex-official was found shot dead in his house, leaving a suicide note.

Don Muang police reported that Jamroen Phonpayoong, a former official of the Aeronautical Engineering Directorate, shot himself in his two-storey house in Bangkok’s Don Muang district, as a neighbour had reported.
Investigators found that Jamroen used a self-made pen gun to shoot himself.
His nephew, Kittikhun Laipita, 29, said the relatives did not question his death because of the apparent evidence – the hand-written suicide note. 
“Jamroen’s wife passed away three months ago. He showed no suicidal signs, though he was depressed” Kittikhun said. 
Jamroen’s note read: “I have committed suicide without others related because I had promised to my wife that when she died, I would follow her, so please understand my reason.” 
Police are still checking circumstantial evidence and quizzing relatives to understand the deceased’s motive.

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