Medical Council to probe doctors linked to singer’s facelift

national March 04, 2016 01:00


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THE MEDICAL Council will launch ethical probes against three doctors over allegations they exaggerated the benefits of their medical services

The other is doctor who said on TV that every user of her service “can be beautiful”. 
“The Medical Council will soon assign its ethical panel to act,” the council’s secretary general Dr Samphan Komrit said yesterday. 
He did not name the doctors.
However, an informed source identified Dr Manas Sathienchok as the doctor who performed plastic surgery on Surachai, and Dr Kamol Pansrithum as the operator of the clinic where Surachai was operated on. 
Samphan said the Medical Council would not take action against Xeping Chaiyasarn, who advertised the clinic’s services with the phrase “Face Off Project by Dr Xeping”. 
“She is not a doctor,” he said. “So her actions do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Medical Council.” He said it was up to the Office of the Consumer Protection Board to check whether any action should be taken against Xeping. 
‘30 years younger’
Samphan said that medically speaking Surachai did not receive a “face off” but a facelift, botox and filler injections. 
Xeping and Surachai, who underwent surgery on February 12, attended a press conference yesterday. The son of the late luk thung music legend Surapol looked noticeably younger and better looking. 
Squadron leader Dr Boonruang Triruangworawat, director-general of the Public Health Ministry’s Health Service Support Department, separately said everyone had the right to opt for plastic surgery to boost their confidence.
“But advertisements that say a service user can look 30 years younger is an exaggeration,” he said. “Even if the hospital involved did not advertise such a thing, it apparently failed to counter the message of such an advertisement.” 
He said the failure constituted offences under the Medical Facilities Act, which were punishable by a fine of Bt20,000 plus a daily fine of Bt10,000 until the illegal advertisement ended.
Boonruang said his department’s subcommittee on advertising medical facilities would also consider a case against Dr Arporn Chaikrueang on suspicion that she too engaged in exaggeration when advertising her services.