R Airlines to rescue Chinese passengers from Phuket

national August 13, 2014 16:05

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R Airlines will pick up the 300 passengers stranded at Phuket International Airport after City Airways scheduled to take them to Hong Kong was revoked of landing rights on Saturday.

Santi Pawai, director of the ministry of Tourism and Sports Phuket office told Phuket Gazette, “As of this morning, I received notification from City Airways that R Airlines has agreed to carry all remaining passengers using two of its planes today.”

Department of Civil Aviation has decided to revoke landing rights to City Airways after a report found that maintenance was not being properly carried out on the airline’s carriers, said Santi.

“We were concerned about passenger safety following a report that revealed that City Airways has not been following proper procedures during maintenance on their planes,” he said.

Therefore the carrier has therefore not been allowed to land at Phuket International Airport. City Airlines has been providing food and accommodation to the stranded passengers.


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