Yingluck's visit to Singapore 'not listed on itinerary'

national August 12, 2014 01:00

By The Nation

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While former premier Yingluck Shinawatra returned to Thailand late on Sunday as per a schedule she gave to the junta, the fact that she visited Singapore without prior notice on her travel itinerary may affect the next time she seeks permission to go abro

It was not necessary for Yingluck to report to the NCPO now that she has come back. It would not take any action over the fact her travel did not match her itinerary.

In her plan submitted to the junta, she said she would visit France, United Kingdom and the United States.

But the committee that will consider whether to allow her to go overseas next time would take her record into consideration, the source said.

In her first remarks to the media since her return, Yingluck said yesterday she would not flee abroad, because she is bound to Thailand. 
“I would like to thank Thai people who feel worried for me. No matter how I live or what I do, I am bound to Thailand. I won’t go anywhere,” she said in her first public appearance since returning from a trip to Europe and the United States.
Yingluck returned to Thailand on schedule, arriving at Don Mueang Airport from Singapore on a chartered flight. However, no one saw her at the airport.
The former PM visited a supermarket on Praditmanootham Road in Bangkok yesterday morning. She said she had just wanted to take a vacation with her son.
“For most of the past three years, I had no time for my son, so I devoted time for him and took him abroad. I was also able to spend time with my brothers and sisters,” she said.
Photos of her at the supermarket circulated on social media along with a video clip taken by her personal staff. These were also sent to the media to confirm her return.
In the video, she looked fresh and kept smiling while shopping. She said she had not bought groceries in Thailand for a long time and she wanted to buy food for cooking and to make merit.
While shopping, she was amazed to see ready-to-eat rice and instant rice on a shelf at the supermarket.
“It’s unbelievable we have this kind of rice that is ready to eat,” without re-heating required, she said in the clip.
Yingluck was permitted to go for a holiday in Europe and the US from July 23 to August 10. She was required to seek permission because legal allegations against her were pending. 
A few days before she was due to come back, it was reported that she had asked to delay her return until the end of this month. Speculation was rife that she might stay abroad rather than return to face charges of dereliction of duty in regard to her government’s controversial rice-pledging scheme. 
On August 5, the National Anti-Corruption Commission filed a case against Yingluck to the Office of the Attorney-General, which has set up a working group to conclude within 30 days whether it should be forwarded to the Supreme Court.
During her trip to Paris, she attended a birthday party for her brother Thaksin.

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