Junta chief defends make-up of National Legislative Assembly

national August 01, 2014 20:46


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THE JUNTA chief Friday night defended the composition of the National Legislative Assembly, which critics say has too many military figures.

General Prayuth Chan-ocha said he was aware of the criticism that the NLA was not democratically set up and that different groups in society were not equally represented. However, he said, the focus should be more on the end result of achieving national reform.

“In addition to the factors of knowledge, ability, confidence and trust, it is necessary to focus on effectiveness, unity and the ability to respond to the NLA’s main mission, which is achieving national reform within the short-term period of one year,” Prayuth said.

Speaking on his weekly “Returning Happiness to People in the Country” TV show, he added that with the formation of a new government, there would be “temporary Thai-style democracy”. His weekly programme is broadcast every Friday night.

Of the 200 NLA members, 105 are military officers, 66 of whom are active, and 10 members hail from the police force. The remaining 85 members are former senators, university rectors and businesspeople.

His Majesty endorsed the list of NLA members on Thursday night.

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