Pojaman has never been to Myanmar: Panthongtae

national February 17, 2014 00:00


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Panthongtae Shinawatra, the son of former Prime Minister Thaksin, said yesterday that his mother, Khunying Pojaman na Pombejra, has never been to Myanmar.

Panthongtae posted a message on his Facebook wall to counter a report by The Irrawaddy which reported on Friday that Pojaman, paid a visit to Yangon-based astrologer San Zarni Bo recently to seek advice for Thaksin’s “smooth re-entry” to Thailand and to ask about his business concessions in Burma.
In the message, Panthongtae said his mother had not met his father for five years after their divorce.
“They have only met via Skype chat. They met each other in person the last time before the Supreme Court made a ruling on the Ratchadaphisek land case,” Panthongtae said in the Facebook message.
“I would like to affirm that since she was born, she has never been to Myanmar.”