Police launch 'Operation Valentine' to clear Rajdamnoen rally site

national February 14, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Police Friday launched the Operation Valentine to "reclaim public space" from protesters led by the Students and People Network for Thailand's Reform Friday morning.

Dozens of companies of policemen gathered at the Royal Plaza at 7 am before they headed to the Misakawan Intersection to begin the operation.

At 8:26 am, police demolished the first line of barriers of the protesters and then removed their sandbag lines.

At 8:29 am, police announced that they needed to clear the road and told protesters not to resist the operation. Armed with shields, the formed lines and moved forward to the protesters.

They started demolishing tents of the protesters on the Rajdamnoen Road on the Makkhawan Bridge at 8:48 am.

No violence and clash happened because the STR had moved its protesters from the area, leaving behind only tents and bunkers.


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