Powers under the emergency decree

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The Executive Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situation, BE 2548 (2005), empowers the government to recruit resources to tackle emergency situations. Meanwhile, officials enforcing the decree have immunity from prosecution for most acts they

Moreover, officials will have the authority to:


1 Arrest and detain persons suspected of collaborating in creating an emergency situation or suspected of ordering such an action or disseminating information that leads to an emergency situation, as well those who support or conceal information about an act that leads to an emergency situation.


2 Summon any person to report himself or herself, or to testify or hand over any document or piece of evidence.


3 Issue orders to impound weapons, consumer goods, chemicals or any other object when it is suspected that such products or objects are used for creating or supporting an emergency situation.


4 Issue orders for searching or demolishing buildings or any structure or object when such an operation is necessary for ending an emergency situation.


5 Issue orders for checking letters, books, publications, telegrams, telephone conversations and other means of communication. Officials shall also have the authority to stop or suspend any means of communication.


6 Prohibit actions or order actions, as necessary.


7 Prohibit any person from leaving the Kingdom.


8 Order aliens to leave the Kingdom. The immigration laws shall be applied mutatis mutandis.


9 Require approval prior to the selling, purchasing, using and storing of weapons, goods, medicine, consumer products and chemicals or any other object that may be used for creating an emergency situation.


10 Issue orders to prohibit the blockade of traffic or transportation routes, or any action that will disrupt transportation in any area under the state of emergency.


11 Military officials as stated in the PM’s Order No: Extra 2/2014 must appoint supervisors and operation chiefs and officers to carry out operations to solve emergency situations. They must help Interior Ministry officials and police in preventing violence and controlling the situation to urgently bring about peace and order.

All of these must be done in |accordance with the prime minister’s order.


12 When carrying out operations under this announcement, officials must use necessary and suitable measures to ensure that people are not inconvenienced more than is necessary.


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