Democrat MP to sue Sa-ngiam over terrorism allegation

national September 01, 2013 00:00

By The Sunday Nation

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The Democrat Party MP for Phatthalung, Nipit Inarasombat, vowed yesterday to counter-sue Sa-ngiam Samranrat, a political appointee at the Prime Minister's Secretariat, for an alleged false claim in a police complaint on Friday against Nipit and five othe

He claimed the Criminal Court had rejected Sa-ngiam’s complaint filed with the Police Crime Suppression Division. Nipit said he is now collecting information to file a defamation lawsuit against Sa-ngiam.
Thaworn Senneam, deputy Democrat leader, was among the six accused of terrorism by Sa-ngiam. He said the court’s rejection of the case shows how naive Sa-ngiam was about legal matters. He insisted what he and five other MPs did was merely visit the protesting farmers in order to get information about their plight. 
Thaworn said they were actually helping the Yinguck Shinawatra administration and urged the PM to dispatch someone with the authority to make decisions to the South to talk with the protesters.
The four other Democrat MPs accused by Sa-ngiam are Nakhon Si Thammarat MPs Witthaya Kaewparadai, Apichat Karikanjana and Chinnaworn Boonyakiat. 
Thaworn said they also visited the farmers in order to prevent a possible crackdown on the protest. He said the government needed to talk with all protesting groups to solve the dispute. 
Thaworn advised Sa-ngiam to re-read the law. “He’s just a baby lawyer. But the premier has trusted this sort of team to work for her. It will only bring more damage to her,” warned Thaworn, adding that it was the duty of MPs to help people bullied by the state. He warned the government not to push people too hard otherwise it would have to face the consequences. But he did not elaborate on what that might be.

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