Korn declared richest Democrat, while Suthep's debts the largest

national October 05, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Recently released figures show that former deputy PM Suthep Thaugsuban has the largest number of debts, former finance minister Korn Chatikavanij is the richest, while former justice minister Pirapan Salirathavibhaga owns some interesting things, includin


The National Anti-Corruption Commission yesterday released the asset declarations submitted on August 9 by members of the former Democrat-led Cabinet. They are required by the Constitution to keep the authorities informed about their assets one year after leaving office. 
Former prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s assets stand at Bt36.75 million, his wife Pimpen’s at Bt16.938 million and their children, who are still minors, have assets worth Bt255,330. Their combined assets are worth Bt53.944 million without any debts, compared to Bt54.355 million declared when he left office a year ago. Abhisit had assets worth Bt51.795 million when he took office. 
Suthep, meanwhile, was seen as the poorest member of the former Cabinet in terms of outstanding debts, which stand at Bt347.578 million compared to assets worth Bt210.95 million. Upon leaving office a year ago, Suthep declared assets worth Bt95.64 million compared to Bt81.607 million he had upon taking office. The former minister said the huge difference was due to the Bt267.33 million loans he had taken, including Bt248.57 million borrowed from the Islamic Bank of Thailand.
Managing finances
Meanwhile, Korn declared personal assets worth Bt751.78 million, while his wife’s assets stand at Bt114.129 million. Their combined assets are worth Bt865.909 million, recording a Bt4.5 million decrease from the amount he declared when leaving office. 
The second richest member of the former Cabinet is Chaovarat Chanweerakul, who declared assets worth Bt694.659 million, which combined with his wife’s Bt59.577 million totals Bt754.237 million.
The third richest is former deputy finance minister Pradit Pataraprasit, who announced assets worth Bt649.43 million and his wife showed Bt32.08 million. After debts worth Bt253,629, their combined assets are worth Bt681.258 million, showing an increase of up to Bt3.31 million from the Bt678.2 million declared when he left office last year. 
Former defence minister General Prawit Wongsuwan announced assets worth Bt79.063 million, recording a sharp increase from the Bt9.39 million he declared a year ago.
Former justice minister Pirapan, meanwhile, announced that he, his wife and his children – all under 20 – had assets worth Bt629.88 million against debts worth Bt12.357 million. His assets include antique furniture, paintings and clocks. He also owns simulators of F-18, F-16 and F-14 fighter jets, worth a total of Bt54 million. The value of his assets has dropped by Bt58.5 million from the value he declared upon leaving office. 
Former PM’s Office minister Satit Wongnongtaey, his wife and children, who are minors, have assets worth Bt66.119 million and debts worth Bt8.147 million. Their latest assets show a decline of Bt2.585 million compared to the amounts announced last year.
Former transport minister Sophon Saram and his wife own assets worth Bt20.946 million and debts worth Bt4.6 million, recording a drop worth Bt1.9 million compared to the value announced last year. 
Former commerce minister Porntiva Nakasai, her spouse and children have assets worth Bt119.33 million and debts worth Bt2.3 million. The former minister’s assets include jewellery worth Bt31.6 million. Her total assets have recorded an increase of Bt924,520.
Former tourism and sports minister Chumpol Silapa-archa and his wife’s assets total Bt447.44 million and debts Bt8 million. Their assets dropped by Bt2.2 million in a year. 

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