Protect rights, avoid provocation, NHRC warns

national June 02, 2012 00:00


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The National Human Rights Commission yesterday issued a statement calling for all sides to exercise restraint in connection with street protests being held against the reconciliation draft.


“I am concerned that the situation might spiral out of control, triggering the violation of human rights, similar to what happened in the past,” NHRC chairwoman Amara Pongsapich said.
The protesters, led by the People’s Alliance for Democracy, should ensure a peaceful rally as sanctioned by the Constitution, she said. All sides should respect one another’s right to air differing views and refrain from provoking one another, she said, adding that the authorities should take every precaution to prevent violence.
She called for proponents and opponents of the reconciliation draft to refrain from disrupting lawful activities being carried out by the other.
In a related development, the Thai Journalists Association called on media professionals to avoid inflaming the situation with opinionated and sensationalist reports.
The association urged the media to comply with profession guidelines on ethics, ensure that facts are checked and verified, avoid making provocative remarks, not act as a mouthpiece for either side, put comments posted on the social media in the right context and distinguish between facts and opinions. 

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