Elephants seized in Kanchanaburi

national January 29, 2012 00:00

By The Nation on Sunday

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Authorities in Kanchanaburi and from the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department have seized 51 elephants from three elephant camps in Sai Yok district for inspection.

Two more camps will be inspected this week in an effort to stop people taking the identity papers of dead elephants and passing the documents off as those of elephants taken from the wild.

According to district Chief Somchart Theerasuwannachak, the officials are now inspecting the identity papers of the elephants and have collected blood samples from six elephant calves for DNA testing. It will take around two weeks to know the tests’ results. The results must confirm that they are the calves of elephants that the owners claim to be their mothers, otherwise police will take legal action.

Owners would have to present documents for the calves to authorities for comparison with the authorities’ documents, Somchart said.

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