People urged not to block traffic

national October 27, 2011 00:00

By The Nation

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The Metropolitan Police yesterday urged people to stop leaving their cars parked at the mouths of expressways, intersection overpasses and Uturn bridges because this can cause traffic jams, block the way for ambulances and even result in accidents.


Deputy Commissioner MajGeneral Panu Kerdlarpphol said people were allowed to park their cars in some spots, but they should not block the flow of traffic. Saying it would be better to park at friends’ homes in nonflooded areas rather than on the streets, he said people who had no other choice should keep checking their cars and put their contact information on the windscreen for officials to contact in case of emergency. 
He added that anybody caught stealing or tearing down flood embankments would face harsh punishment, such as up to five years in jail and Bt10,000 in fines for one count, and up to seven years’ imprisonment and fines of Bt20,000Bt24,000 for two counts.

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