• Mild celebrates 10 years of success with a new album, a concert, and perhaps even an overseas tour.
  • Mild performs on stage during the recent press conference at Esplanade Cineplex.

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music August 31, 2018 01:00

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

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Pop outfit Mild celebrates its tenth anniversary with a concert, a new album and much, much more

With 10 years of success to their credit, Chiang Mai-born pop outfit Mild is busy getting ready for its second large-scale concert. The first, dubbed “1235”, was a sell-out and there’s every reason to believe that this follow up, titled “MI4DX” and taking place at Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani on September 14, will do every bit as well. And the band is also hoping to broaden its scope by collaborating with some international artists and taking their music abroad.

“We are actually marking two events with the concert – the launch of our fourth album and our tenth anniversary,” says Bodin “Pae” Chareunratch, the front man of the pop band. 


“Moreover, it has been four years since our large-scale debut ‘1235’. The number 4 was missing in the title of our last concert and now we’re bringing it back. The show takes place on September 14 and launches our fourth album after a four-year hiatus. The title is taken from the MI4D Experience meaning more than sight, hearing, and taste. And we’re adding a sense of touch through audience mapping.

“We’ve set a dress code of white T-shirts for audience members standing at front of the stage and we will shoot mapping on their T-shirts. We are telling them that they aren’t just audience members but also performers in our show. The mapping show must be amazing. We would like concert-goers to dress in white. If you aren’t in white, we’ll distribute white T-shirt at the venue. We’ll be coming close to every segment of the audience so that they can touch us, no matter what zone they are in. We’ll all be walking around the hall,” he explains.


“MI4DX” is also the name of the pop band’s fourth album and follows on from their successful 2013 release “Master Peace” on the Spicy Disc label.

“The album will be released at the concert. We are selling the physical CD as a collector’s item as almost everyone listens to our songs through streaming. We think that the physical CD is touchable, and, in any case, we were born in the CD era. Some artists find it hard to release an entire album on streaming so come up with single after single. We think that we are lucky to get the chance to make the full-length album on the physical CD with the support of the record company.


“The concept of this fourth album is hip, rap and pop. It has more grooves and my rapping but still keeps Mild’s signature sound of saxophone and guitar solo. For the lyrics, the development of songs comes with our growing maturity. We have more experience and have played more concerts, and have also worked with other artists,” Pae continues.


The young singer and songwriter and his bandmates guitarist Jane “Tao” Manopiniwes, saxophonist Phaisit “Pae” Khamklan, bassist Pittawas “Khun” Khunthong, keyboardist Nathepat “Tom Tom” Prasertmanukitch, and drummer Thongchai “Mike” Timpool, released his first single, “Sayonara” in 2015, and this year came up with “Full Moon”, “Wolf” featuring Botcash and “TC (Take Care)”.

“We usually put 10 songs on an album but for the new one we’ve included special song, called ‘Full Moon’, in response to fans’ requests. It has a similar melodic sound to ‘Unloveable’ off our first album,” Pae explains.

“The three new singles are about the many different emotions that make up love. ‘Full Moon’ compares a woman to be like a moon beyond reach. ‘Wolf’, which we selected as the theme of this concert, is about desire and violence and is more danceable. ‘TC’ blends soul and R&B with lyrics about a man who still cares for his woman.”


Other songs on the fourth album include “Dee Tor Jai” (“To Get Her”), written by 60 Miles’ guitarist Supachok “Berm” Chuemuangphan, and “Over” by Mild’s guitarist Jane “Tao” Manopiniwes.

“In addition to this concert and our fourth album, we are planning to tour overseas and collaborate with artists in Asia and internationally,” says Pae.


- Mild’s concert “MI4DX” will be held at Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani on September 14 at 8pm.

- Tickets are from Bt1,200 to Bt1,900 at Thai Ticket Major counters and online at www.ThaiTicketMajor.com.

- Get updates and follow Mild at Facebook.com/mildband and Facebook.com/Spicydiscrecord.