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music June 09, 2018 01:00


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The music videos for pop band Mild’s new songs “Dee Tor Jai” (“To Get Her”) and “Over” have become popular because their stories are so touching, as well as interrelated. Fans are going crazy sharing the videos directed by Bin Buamuenchol.

“The number of views on YouTube has been steadily increasing,” says grateful saxophonist Paisit “Pae” Khamklin. “I also sang on Mild’s ‘Master Peace’ album, but this is the first time I’ve handled the promotion too.

“Thanks to all the fans for listening to our songs and watching the videos,” says guitarist Gent “Tao” Manopinwes. “Every Mild album has to have a song sung by me and the song must be simple and different from the typical Mild sound.”

Keep up to date with Mild on the “spicydisc.fanpage” and “mildband” Facebook pages.

Ad pays homage to Chonlatee

Yuenyong “Ad” Ophakul, frontman of songsforlife rock band Carabao, has just released “Devadha Pleng”, the second album in a luk thung series from Warner Music (Thailand) paying tribute to a master of the genre. The first was the late Sayan Sanya’s “Rak Sayan Noi Noi Tae Rak Nan Nan”.

The object of Ad’s admiration is Chonlatee Tharnthong, and the licensing fee for the copyright to his songs is being donated to the Miracle of Life Foundation.

Kittisak Sainamthip arranged all 14 songs, which include “Luk Sao Phu Karn”, “Riak Phi Dai Mai”, “Thaharn Arkas Khad Rak”, “Wannee Suay Kwa Muea Wan” and “Ai Noom Tangkay”. The title track is the first luk thung song Ad wrote. Inside is a cloth bag bearing Ad’s liner notes and his autograph.

Here’s UNB to say hello

Korean boy band UNB is venturing outside the homeland today with its first fan meeting in Thailand, “You & Me”, at Show DC’s Ultra Arena in Bangkok. Jun, Euijin, Go Hojung, Feeldog, Marco, Ji Hansol, Daewon, Kijung and Chan recently released their first mini-album, “Boyhood”, with hits including “Only One” and “Feeling”. Passes cost Bt2,000 to Bt5,000 at and (02) 262 3456. Check out and “fouroneoneent” on Facebook.

Hop for the hip

The Thailand Hip-Hop Festival at the JJ Mall in Chatuchak district today has “Meet the legends” as its theme. Onstage will be Thaitanium, Da Jim, Rastafah, BKing, Chom Chumkasian and 1 Flow, PP Dreams, Pok Mindset, Urboy TJ, CP Sming, JSR Youngbong, Youngohm, FIIXD, CleoP “VKL X Sweed Gangz” and Maiyarap.

The DJ lineup includes Whatdatfrog, Kong, Bonnie, Deeboy and Dogga, and BBoy competing will be Oman, Ajay, 60Rock, Prai1 and Guru. You can also watch graffiti artists Pakorn, Jesus 103 Rua MHS, Bows, Qucan and Ghost Trappers do their thing. 

Tickets cost Bt700 at 7-Eleven and Details at