Bodyslam single falls from sky

music May 12, 2018 01:00


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Bodyslam’s first single in four years, “Khrai Khue Rao”, heralds great things from their seventh studio album, “Wicha Tua Bao”, produced as usual by Aof Big Ass.

“The English line ‘The stars hold our destiny’ sprang to my mind when I was talking to Mango Team and became this song,” says frontman Athiwara Khongmalai, a national hero after his cross-country run for charity. “Mango Team and I wrote the song with Po Posayanukul. 

“But I believe we can control our own destinies if we’re willing, just once, to do what we love and what we believe in. ‘Khrai Khue Rao’ is the album’s opening song and I’d like everybody to find the answers in their lives.”

In the music video directed by Wuttisak “Un” Anakporn, a strange object, like a cocoon, falls from the sky, frightening residents of the rural village where it lands. They keep their distance, but one day a local girl sneaks out of her family’s home and examines the object, discovering the entire Bodyslam lineup inside. As she draws closes, she’s swallowed into it and connects with them, finally releasing them so that can resume playing music once more.

Nueng shows his moves

Apiwat “Nueng” Pongwat, singer in the pop band ETC, has surprised fans by appearing with sexy model-actress Davika “Mai” Hoorne in the music video for his new love song on Mono Music, “Close Your Eyes and See”.


The video was shot at Stadium 29 on Bangkok’s Chaiyaphruek Road and finds Nueng and Mai in 1980s attire dancing weirdly to choreography by Nicky the Zoo. Nueng also plays bass, synthesiser, guitar and an electric drum.

“The fans are a little surprised because they’ve never seen me dancing before,” he admits. “Honestly, I’ve ever taken dance lessons, so just enjoy it!”

Mr Big back again

American hard rock band Mr Big are beloved in Thailand and will be back again for a concert at GMM Live House at CentralWorld on June 12. Eric Martin, Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan and Matt Starr will perform the hits plus songs from their ninth and latest album, “Defying Gravity”, their final release featuring late drummer Pat Torpey. Seats cost Bt2,000 and Bt3,000 at and (02) 262 3456.

Music, then classes

Genie Records’ campus tour “Genie Back to School” is roaming the country this month through July. Big Ass, Potato, Paradox, Cocktail, 25 Hours, Noom Kala, the Mousses, the Yers, Instinct, Sweet Mullet, Retrospect, Kwang AB Normal, Palmy, Yes’sir Days, Pun Basher and Paper Planes will be at Nawamintharachinuthit Horwang Nonthaburi School on May 24. Get the rest of the schedule at and Line TV.