This was the fourth visit to Thailand for Californian rockers Incubus.
This was the fourth visit to Thailand for Californian rockers Incubus.

Incubus strikes again

music February 24, 2018 01:00

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

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The was a night of mood swings as the Californian rockers layered metal atop melancholy

The fourth concert in Thailand by American rock band Incubus – at Central Lat Phrao’s BCC Hall last week – felt no less powerful than the first three, dating back to 2004.

It was clear that Thais’ enthusiasm for Incubus hasn’t waned, judging by the vigorous headbanging and boisterous singing along, and the band rewarded them with a visually striking production.

Singer Brandon Boyd, guitarist Mike Einziger, drummer Jose Pasillas, bassist Ben Kenney and turntablist Chris Kilmore hit the stage at 8pm sharp, roaring into “Glitterbomb” from their latest album, “8”.


Then came “Circles” from the 2001 disc “Morning View” and another track from the new one, “Nimble Bastard”.

Incubus’ eighth album contributed just five of its tracks to the evening’s set list, matching the number of songs presented from “Morning View”, the band’s fourth and top-selling album to date, which went double platinum.

And the Californians alternated between new and old throughout the concert, keeping the crowd intense, though the screams did get louder at the first few notes of “Anna Molly” from the 2006 album “Light Grenades”.

The quieter tunes “11AM” from “Morning View” and “Megalomaniac” from 2004’s “A Crow Left of the Murder” gave audience members chances to sing along. 


“Megalomaniac” is a fascinating mix of mellowness and heavy rock and, more than a decade on, it still takes the breath away. Boyd widened the fans’ smiles by announcing that it was his “birthday song”.

More rock ballads – “If Not Now, When?” and “Drive” – seemed written to bring out the tears. After the mood got a little too mild during “Paper Shoes” and “Pantomime”, the 42-year-old singer pulled off his black shirt to reveal a vest barely covering an array of tattoos.

Then he lunged for the heart again with “Nice to Know You”.

The show played out with “Pistola”, “Stellar”, “Vitamin”, “Loneliest” and “Wish You Were Here” (an original, not a cover of eponymous Pink Floyd track).

The encore was a thundering medley of “No Fun” from the latest album and “Warning” from “Morning View”.