Ebola roar back with new label, new EP

music December 03, 2017 15:05

By The Nation

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Nu metal band Ebola have been performing and recording for 20 years, but they never sounded better than at their recent mini-concert at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Singer Kittisak “Aey” Buaphan, lead guitarist Wannit “Golf” Puntarikapa, rhythm guitarist Surapong “Ao” Buaphan, bassist Chaowalit “A” Prasongsin and drummer Pongpan “Pan” Peonimit played four favourites – “Saeng Sawang”, “Sing Thi Chan Pen”, “Survivor” and “Get Out” – and the new singles “Hak Khor Dhevada” and “Khon Thi Rai Khor Mae”.

The new tracks are from “Khon Thi Rai Khor Mae”, their debut EP on ME Records, a subsidiary of Muzik Move. And they clear up any doubts about whether the change of label would overwhelm the band and whether Ebola would start sounding more mainstream.

“It isn’t as melodic as the slower songs the fans are used to from us, but we do it in our style,” Aey said of the single “Khon Thi Rai Khor Mae”.

“We have our own style and we’re confident in ourselves and love what we’re doing. We arranged this gig to present our new work and show how it traces back to the nu metal sound of our first single in 1990s.

“The new EP of course has contributions by guest singers and they outdid everybody’s expectations as far as matching their vocals to our style. I think it’s going to be regarded as our masterpiece.”

Aey said the EP is a thank-you to the fans for 20 years of support. 

“Our songs are meant to give other people courage and this offers good motivation. There was a time we felt terrible after the listening culture changed, but the two new songs have had unexpectedly good feedback. So, thanks for believing in us!”