‘Jo Boyscout’ dies of heart attack at concert in Bangkok pub

music November 11, 2017 11:09

By The Nation

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A singer of the once-popular boy band Boyscout died of heart failure while he was playing at a concert in a Bangkok pub late Friday night.

Thanat Chimthuam, better known as Jo Boyscout, collapsed shortly after midnight, after singing for about an hour at the Colour Bar Town in Town in Wang Thong Lang district.

Rescuers from the Por Tek Tueng Foundation arrived at the bar past midnight on Saturday and tried but failed to resuscitate him. They rushed him to Lat Phrao Hospital where doctors declared him dead after spending about 30 minutes trying to revive him with electric shock.

His friend and band member Songpol Klaipongphan said the band started playing at 11pm and at 11.30pm Thanat appeared tired and sat down, which was unusual for him.

Songpol said Thanat collapsed after singing the last song. Initially, he said, he thought Thanat was joking. But when the friends took a closer look they noticed Thanat was foaming at the mouth and crunching his teeth.

Songpol said friends tried to open the singer’s mouth while others called police and the emergency health centre