• Silly Fools impressed fans at the "Silly War II" at Thunder Dome last Saturday.
  • Ton Jakarint shreds his guitar
  • Rang slaps his bass
  • Kritsana is the band’s new vocalist
  • Rat plays a drum solo

A rockin’ good time

music July 08, 2017 01:00

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

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Silly Fools return to the stage for the first full-length concert in 15 years

One of Thailand’s most popular rock outfits despite changes in lineup, Silly Fools was back on stage last Saturday with “Silly War II”. And in a replay of their sold out debut “V3 Khabuan Karn Silly Fools” at Hua Mark Indoor Stadium 15 years ago, the band had no problem drawing a capacity crowd to Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani.

As befits any good rock concert, fans dressed all in black for the show, and many of them were more than happy to talk about the rock band’s first concert in 2002 and their expectations for this one. 


Silly Fools impressed fans at the “Silly War II” at Thunder Dome last Saturday.

The concert opened with Ghost, a rock band that could be compared to old wine in a new bottle, featuring former members of AB Normal and Sleeping Sheep.

Cheers were loud as Silly Fools’ four members – guitarist Jakarint “Ton” Juprasert, bassist Thevarit “Rang” Srisuk, drummer Rat Kobayashi, and vocalist Kritsana “Rim” Pandonlan – came out on stage and segued into a tight first set that included “Soo Mai Dai”, “Mai”, “Mai Wan Mae Wan Ma Mak” and “Fun”.

“I have mixed emotions about this concert,” said Silly Fools’ latest singer Kritsana, formerly of Woize fame, in his greeting to the audience. 

“It is really great to see that you all still have such a strong connection with Silly Fools and love their songs. Although times have changed, Silly Fools hasn’t. My sadness stems from the fact that I didn’t meet you before. But I hope everyone will enjoy this long-awaited concert.” 

That little speech earned Kritsana applause and screams, which rose in volume as the first notes of “Nang Fah” rang out. The band went on to play such enduring ballads as “Buea”, “Khon Thi Kha Chan”, “Phieng Rak” and “Phid Thi Wai Jai” and fans were more than happy to sing along.


The three-hour “Silly War II” concert featured more than 30 songs, including a medley of “Hey”, “Muea Rak Chan Kerd” and “Khid Thueng”, from albums “IQ 180”, “Candy Man”, “Mint”, “Juicy” and “King Size” released on More Music, the now-defunct subsidiary of GMM Grammy.

The next set saw a spate of Silly Fools signatures – Ton Jakarint’s shredding, Rang’s trademark bass and Rat’s pounding drums. Rat, who moved to Silly Fools from progressive death metal band Dezember, impressed the crowd with a drum solo that continued for five minutes. 

Then it was back to much-loved tracks, with the audience happily jumping up and down to such gems as “Ba Bor”, “Phu Ying Yai”, “Phor Mae Look”, “Ban Thay” and “Na Mai Ai”. The band then segued into “Ya Bok Wa Rak” and followed up with smash hits, “Fang Do Ngai Ngai”, “Khee Hueng”, “Pleng Nee Kiew Kap Kwam Rak”, and “Nai Wa Ja Mai Lok Kan”.

More fond memories were revived with “Wad Jai”, “Nam Lai” and “Ji Ja” before Silly Fools wrapped the show with a new rock track, “Jong Riak Ther Wa Nang Phaya”.

Screams and applause echoed through the venue until the band returned to the stage for an encore that included “Pae Ya Rong”, “Seng”, “Phi Sao Khrub Ud Phom Thi” and “Jib Diew Kor Sueng Man”. 

“Silly War II” was an impressive performance from beginning to end, without any covers or any guests. In short, it was a great concert and fans will be hoping they don’t have to wait another 15 years for a repeat.