World’s best music, BBQ at Rhythm of the Earth this week

music June 14, 2017 14:50

By The Nation

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The annual Rhythm of the Earth festival will be back for its 11th year with more world music (and world barbecue) in the plaza out front of CentralWorld tomorrow through Sunday (June 15-18).

Todd Tongdee Lavelle of Lavelle Entertainment describes Rhythm of the Earth as “a borderless celebration of the human race” featuring folk, ethnic, Thai and world music performers.

“We’ve had more than 5,000 performers over the past 10 years coming together to celebrate the world as it can be,” he says.

This year’s theme is “Silk Road Home”, a nod to the ancient trade route that scattered the seeds of culture far from home. China’s Manhu music will be heard and India’s Kathak dance enjoyed. A Sri Lankan dance troupe will be there, along with Uzbekistan’s Sirdaryo Navolari. 

Mongol heritage will meet the Korean version of the Silk Road in a magnificent 25-member cultural extravaganza, “Goseong Korea”, celebrating the rice and the rituals that for centuries have fed the Great Path. 

Mark Eliyahu, a world music superstar, will perform, lending the ancient melodies of Persia and the Middle East new life with his Kamancha fiddle.

Thailand will contribute the Champion of the World Olympics in Performing Arts, Tachaya “Keng The Voice” Pathumwan from the South, Lanna instrumentalist Panuthat “Add” Apichanathong from the North and khaen player Sombat Simla from the Northeast.

World barbecue entails the world’s best grilled dishes. “Thai Foods of the Kingdom” pools old and new recipes from around the nation. Fifteen “Korners of Kuisine” will have specialities from Europe, Asia and the Americas, such as German wursts, California spareribs, halal treats from Malaysia and Brunei and “Super Saep” from Laos. 

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