• Sand paintings of His Majesty the King is shown in the music video of Pongsit "Pu" Khampee's "Phap Jam".
  • Bomb Ganesha, Ed Kluaythai, Tar Paradox and Aey Ebola hold a portrait of the King.
  • More than 150 singers, actors and actresses from RS, R Siam and Channel 8 sing "Rak Phor ... Mai Mee Wan Phor Phieng" backed by a 30-piece orchestra.
  • Pichai Chirathivat teams up with his Spicy Disc artists for "Kalla Khrang Nueng Talod Kaln."
  • Pongsit Khampee releases his composition for the King, "Phap Jam."

Letting the music speak

music November 19, 2016 01:00

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

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More of Thailand's singers, musicians and actors pay their respect to the late monarch through song

MORE THAN five weeks have passed since the death of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej and the songs of remembrance are continuing to pour in as singers, actors and musicians |line up to pay their final respects. |The tempos and moods vary greatly but the message is always the same – a tribute to his benevolence and guidance.

Songs-for-lifer Pongsit “Pu” Khampee has written his first-ever song for His Majesty the King, “Phap Jam” (“Memory Image”) with a poignant violin accompanying his lament of “Oh, the father is gone. Oh, (we are) without the father”. In a similar vein Ittipong “Tar” Kridakorn Na Ayudhaya of rock band Paradox uses acoustic guitar, piano and a full chorus on “Sadej Prathub Yoo” (“Still on Our Mind”) as he sings “We still miss you, all the time and unchangingly. The King is always on our minds”.

“Like all Thais, I feel deep sorrow at the death of the King and thought long and hard about how I could best remember him,” says Pongsit. “It’s the first song I have written for the King throughout my 30-year career. I hope it serves as a reminder of all the things he did for us and encourages us all to live our lives according to his guidelines.”

Pongsit recorded the number together with Suwan Manosorn on violin, Yuthadanai Mangnimit on bass, and Udorn Teenakul on drums. Sompong Leerasiri, a lecturer from the Imaging Arts Programme of Srinakarinwirot University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, showcases his sand paintings on the music video, which garnered more than 500,000 views after being uploaded to the singer’s YouTube channel.    And while the MV only runs for 3.57 minutes, Sompong illustrated stories about the King in sand for 12 consecutive hours with the music playing in the background.

 “Those scenes will remain in our minds forever. Every time this country faced a disaster, the King would be there looking for ways to solve the problems,” he says.

The first picture shows Their Majesties on visiting the Nong Khai governor’s house, a scene Nong Khai native Pongsit remembers well, before morphing into a series of visual memories.

Watch it at http://tinyurl.com/ gv6oedj.

“Sadej Prathub Yoo” is not the first song Tar Paradox has written for the King but he doesn’t usually team up with friends Kittisak “Aey Ebola” Buaphan, Wassakorn “Ed Kluaythai” Dechsutham, Kaneth “Bomb Ganesha” Paktrakettrin and Narongwat “Ek Venus” Mekthippachai or the members of the rock band’s 50 fan clubs. Both the recording and music video also feature Yuthana “Ted” Boonorm of Gay Ray and Vichien Ruekpaisarn of Genie Records, affiliates of GMM Grammy.

“I have written songs for the King almost every year. And even though he is no longer with us physically, he is still very much in our minds, he tells XP.

“This song is inspired by a scene of Thai people standing and holding the King’s portraits. It doesn’t sound as sad like other songs but warm and thoughtful because we are telling Nai Luang that we all miss him and promise to follow in his footsteps.”

Film director Yanyong “Suea” Kuruaungkoul, whose movies include the romantic comedy “2538 Alter-Ma-Jeeb”, directed the MV.

“The music video shows everybody hugging a portrait of Nai Luang and ends with them holding candles. It is a reminder that we are keeping the King in our minds all the time as we move forward with hope and light.”

Tune in at http://tinyurl.com/hgpyak2

Pichai Chirathivat, the managing director of music label Spicy Disc, has joined with his artists for “Kalla Khrang Nueng Talod Kaln” (“Once Upon A Time, Forever and Ever”). The song is penned by Trai “Boy” Bhumirat with music by Nattapol “Kor” Srijomkwan, who also produced it.

The contributing artists are Burin Boonvisut, Win Siriwongse of Sqweez Animal, Bodin “Pae Mild” Chareunratch, Thanakrit “Wan” Panichwid, Laongfong, Disaya “Tiew Kidnappers” Koragotchamas, Nipat “Karn The Parkinson” Kamjornpreecha, Siwapong “Get The Rube” Hemwong, Chatarat “Jink Helmetheads” Sridamrongrak, Chotinun “Sho Lullaby” Theerathammarak, Thanes “Aum Good September” Jarasrungsirikul, Wittawas “Ton Walrus” Janpaetrak, Tanapol “Toh Nap A Lean” Thongsawat, Sirasant “Beep Rooftop” Hovijit, and Akkanee “Big Morning Soon” Khamtonwong. Two days were spent recording the music with a third day devoted to the vocals.

“Everyone is sad at the passing of the King but the days since his death have seen an outpouring of kindness, love and help. Just take the number of artists who have come out with songs for the King. Our song is about the King’s work and is offered as guidance to the new generation,” says the MD.

“Our message is that we all have our own responsibilities but that we should come together in love and unity,” Boy Trai adds.

See it at www.YouTube.com/spicydisc or Facebook.com/spicydisc.fanpage

Major label RS Public has also pulled together to record “Rak Phor … Mai Mee Wan Phor Phieng” (“Love the Father … Forever”), which features more than 150 artists from RS and R Siam and actors and actresses from digital TV Channel 8 singing to the accompaniment of a 30-piece orchestra.

“His Majesty the King worked so hard for his people, implementing more than 4,000 projects throughout his 70-year reign,” says Supachai “Nen” Nilwan, the head of RS Public’s music division.

“This song uses easy-to-understand language and has a verse saying ‘Thai people are proud to be born in the reign of King Rama IX’.”

“It is a very good song that we think will console those who listen to it. The lyrics are based on many the things the King has done for Thai people and the country. From now on, we all should take what the King created and follow his guidance for doing good, having unity, and making a living,” says Dr Ong-art Singlumpong, executive vice-president of digital TV Channel 8.

The song is written by Suthipong Sombatchinda, arranged by Anucha Ornrojanawat, and sung by various artists such as Film Rattapoom, Baitoey R Siam, Mod Napapas, Kratae R Siam, Ja R Siam, Fluke Jira, Kung Suthiraj and Virada Wongthewan, Noo Meter, Fai Weruree, Mangkorn Papawin, Jeans Kewalin, Nachat, Bowling Prisana, Peck Rattapoom, Jintara Poonlap, Blackjack, Bao Wee, Luang Kai, Bew Kanlayanee, Ple Pathumraj, Lala-Lulu, Jack Thanapol, Ying Thitikan, Touch Na Takuathung, Duenpen Amnuayporn, Man Maneewan, Samosorn Chimi, Pae Klerm, Ek Surachet, Hon Santi, Ko Nipon, Angie, and a team of Channel 8’s newcasters.

“This song is inspired by the King’s philosophy of the sufficiency economy, which can cover over every career,” says songwriter Suthipong.

“I’m really pleased and honoured to convey my feeling to people of this country. The song describes the King’s multifarious duties throughout his 70 years. No one in the world was like him,” says Film Rattapoom.

Bew Kalayanee R Siam, who cried during the recording, adds, “I was weeping while singing this song as the screen showed scenes of the King working hard in the rural areas. It was the most painful moment of my life.”

Watch it at http://tinyurl.com/ jfwaxa5.