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The Tokyo outfit will share a stage with Thaitanium on Wednesday


Hip-hop fans of Japanese group Teriyaki Boyz will get the chance to party with them at close range at an H-Artistry – The Global Art of Mixing event, being held in Thailand for the first time on Wednesday at Route 66 on RCA.
Globally renowned for their chart topper “Tokyo Drift” from the movie “The Fast & the Furious”, Teriyaki Boyz is a Japanese hip-hop group from Tokyo. The group consists of Ilmari, Ryo-Z, Verbal, rapper Wise (Kameyama Seiji) and Nigo, the DJ and founder of the popular Japanese popular street wear brand A Bathing Ape. 
Apart from their international breakthrough hit, the Boyz have also worked with Jay-Z, Kanye West, Pharell Williams and the likes in many collaborative works.
This time around in Thailand, Teriyaki Boyz will perform alongside Thaitanium, Janice B Javier, Spydamonkee, Kitsch Cat and Burin Boonvisut. 
Nigo gave us an email interview for the heads up. 
Where did the name Teriyaki Boyz come from?
It’s a name that combines both eastern and western element.
You’ve worked with many big names in the showbiz. Anyone else you’d like to collaborate with?
There are many names in my head, but we always have discussions with everyone in the band before collaborating with anyone, so I would leave it to the band decision. Basically it is about whom we admire and we have the same chemistry about music. We would love to explore to the new sound and new experiment. 
You are going to perform with Thaitanium. What can we expect?
We met Thaitanium at the MTV Asia Music Awards years ago. They are very nice. I always respect artists who make music themselves. Thaitanium is like that. Their sounds are unique and very interesting. 
I am so excited to join them on the stage at H-Artistry. I am sure that this must be incredible. I am looking forward to perform with them. It is gonna be something unexpected. I really like the idea of H-Artistry, since it is about blending different music genre from different artists around the world together to create the new experience. That is why I accept to perform in the event. 
What do you think of Thai hip-hop?
Hip-hop is my life. And music is international language. So it is easy for me to connect with hip-hop culture in other countries. Thai hip-hop is very interesting, especially how they create unique sound. Thaitanium is one of the hip-hop artists that I really admire. They are really cool! It must be amazing experience for both us and the audience, since it is the first time ever that we collaborate on the stage. 
What would a Teriyaki Boyz’ song about Thailand sound like?
Surely, it is going to be the collaboration with Thaitanium. Maybe I might use Thai instruments to create the beat or mix up with Thai traditional sound, but turn it upside down to be more modern – maybe with tuk-tuk horn. After H-Artistry I might have more idea. 
Route rap
>> Teriyaki Boyz perform between Route 66 and Slim on RCA on Wednesday. The party starts from 8pm. 
>> Get a pass to the party at Facebook.com/HennessyThailand.