Sean's seeing Pink Elephants

music June 16, 2012 00:00

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

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Musician-restaurateur Supasit Skontanarak presents the first of his concert jams tonight


Not content to just play with the rhythm & disco outfit the Begins and run the successful restaurant Sumi Sumi, Supasit “Sean” Skontanarak is now also an event organiser. First up for his company Thanks Entertainment is a project called Pink Elephant.
“I’ve been fascinated with music since I was a kid,” Sean told the press at the Crystal Design Centre recently. “I sang backup with several bands and made music with friends, then worked with Phi Boyd [Boyd Kosiyabong] and released an album with the Begins.”
Next came Sumi Sumi – still not enough.
“Pink Elephant will be a series of music shows aimed at a niche market,” he says. “It’s an alternative for artists to do what they want to do, show what they want to show, and play what they want to play. They can both experiment and celebrate in a kind of ‘virtual cafeteria’ where everyone can come and jam.”
The Bt10-million Pink Elephant project has nine shows lined up, one a month, starting today at 6pm at Crystal Design. By midnight, Yong Armchair, Two Poptorn, Mon from Room 39 and Kor Groove Riders will have taken turns onstage.
On July 14 there’ll be Lipta, Jetset’er and Pod Moderndog.
“Every show will have a structure and set sequence,” Sean said, “but the artists will also be able to go with the flow, cracking jokes and jamming, whatever they like. There’ll be a balance between jamming with each other and entertaining the audience. 
“I’d like to see the artists produce different kids of shows, as they see fit. Like Burin – I’d like to see him try something different after he’s sung his hit ‘Yud’ a thousand times. Or Cutto from Lipta – he has this idea to cover a lot of retro music.”
Sean’s hoping to present a concert with foreign acts “maybe in the next year”, mentioning “the likes of Babyface and Michael Buble”.
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