‘My Left Foot’ stars at Irish Film Festival

movie & TV September 19, 2018 07:00

By The Nation

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“My Left Foot”, the 1989 movie that won Daniel Day-Lewis an Oscar, is one of four entries being shown during the second annual Irish Film Festival at the Bangkok Screening Room in Sala Daeng from September 21-23.

Also on the bill are “Once”, “In the Name of Peace: John Hume in America” and “Song of the Sea”. 

All will be screened with their original English dialogue, plus Thai subtitles.

Admission is Bt120 (Bt90 for members, students and children).

“Once”, whose soundtrack included the track “Falling Slowly”, which won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, is a 2007 romantic musical written and directed by John Carney. 

The film stars that tune’s composers, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, formerly of the band the Swell Season, as Guy and Girl, struggling musicians in Dublin.

They travel across the city, forming a connection as they perform music, then attempt to produce a record even as they must step lightly around the romantic complications of one another’s past. 

“My Left Foot” is a biographical comedy-drama co-written and directed by Jim Sheridan. It tells the story of Christy Brown (Day-Lewis), an Irishman born with cerebral palsy who could control only his left foot but became a gifted writer and artist. 

Day-Lewis’ co-star Brenda Fricker won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and there were nominations for the adapted screenplay, director and as Best Picture. 

“John Hume in America” is a 2017 feature documentary about the Nobel Peace laureate inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. 

He enlisted American presidents and other world leaders in an effort to secure peace in Northern Ireland. Narrated by Liam Neeson, the film includes interviews with Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and John Major.

“Song of the Sea” is a 2014 animated fantasy directed by Tomm Moore, from his original story written for the screen by Will Collins. The Irish-Belgian-Danish-French-Luxembourg co-production is about a 10-year-old boy named Ben who lives in a lighthouse with his father, who enchants him with tales of selkies – seals that turn into humans. 

Ben’s mother dies giving birth to an unusual little sister, Saoirse, who speaks not a word until her sixth birthday. Their father, still grieving, sends them to Dublin to live with their grandmother, separating Saoirse from the ocean that is her life force and Ben from his beloved hound. They set off for home on a perilous journey, encountering mythical demons along the way.