Costumes that tell a story

movie & TV September 12, 2018 10:00

By The Nation

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The latest film in the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre’s Cinema Diverse, which has as its 2018 theme “The Invisible Hands”, is the Chinese movie “Youth” by Feng Xiaogang.

The coming-of-age film, which won Best Film at the 2018 Asian Film Awards, is set in 1970s and portrays the performing art troupe members of the People’s Liberation Army during the Cultural Revolution. Each face their own trials and tribulations; from escaping a family scandal to dealing with unrequited love, each experiences rejection that shapes their lives. 

“Youth” is chosen by Suthee Muenwaja, the costume designer for GTH and GDH’s most successful films including “Pee Mak”, “Hello Stranger” and “Brother of the Year”. 

“The costume in this film doesn’t stand out as much but it rather ratifies that costume is a part of the film’s overall art direction. All the colours of the costume in this film are in sync with the whole production. At first, the bright colours of the costume reflects the blooming youth before changing the tone to represent the sombre mood of the film and the characters that have been through difficult experiences,” says Suthee.

Entry is Bt60 per person (with a free programme). Tickets are available at 3pm and the screening starts at5pm. The film is in Chinese with English and Thai subtitles. The post-screening talk will be in Thai with English translation.