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Cinematic gems from Singapore

movie & TV June 08, 2018 01:00


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The island state hosts its fifth film festival in Bangkok at SF World Cinema

Five of Singapore’s best films make their debut in Bangkok next week as the island state stages the fifth edition of the Singapore Film Festival at SF World Cinema from Thursday to June 17.

The event aims to strengthen diplomatic relations between the two Asean countries and promote cultural exchange. The past four events have been a big success with full houses at almost all the screenings. All films come with Thai and English subtitles and admission is free, with tickets given out prior to each show on a first-come, first-served basis. The five Singaporean films featured are: 

Ramen The

After his father’s death, young chef Masato leaves his hometown in Japan and goes to Singapore in search of the truth about his past. In the process, he not only learns about his late Singaporean mother and her family, but also experiences the delightful flavours of local cuisine. He is inspired to create a new fusion dish that combines Ramen and Singapore’s iconic Bak Kut Teh (pork rib soup) – will he succeed? 

Chennai 2 Singapore

Struggling filmmaker Harish travels from Chennai to Singapore in the hope of finding a producer for his film. But soon after arriving, he loses his passport and his prospective financier falls into a coma. As Harish stumbles through a series of hilarious misadventures, he bumps into Roshini, who is battling cancer, and is attracted to her. Will Harish reverse his bad fortune and find what his heart is searching for?


Specially commissioned by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, this five-part anthology by five budding Singaporean filmmakers showcases their creative reflections as they embark on a journey in search of their heritage and cultural roots and how they make Singapore their home.

My Love Sinema

Set in colonial Singapore of the 1950s, this film tells the story of Kheong, a young man who moves from a village to the city in order to pursue his ambition of being a film projectionist. There, he falls in love with Wei, a young teacher who finds herself torn between her obligations as a dutiful daughter and her feelings for Kheong. 

Diamond Dogs

A stage-three cancer diagnosis leaves Johnny, who is deaf and mute, in despair. With little else to lose, he agrees to join a deadly underground social experiment funded by the elite. The experiment pits fighters against one another in a test of animalistic aggression and adrenaline. Johnny’s battle to the top is brutal, fuelled by a fiery desire to take revenge on the man who caged him.