This Sherlock’s a ‘she’

movie & TV March 06, 2018 16:30

By The Nation

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“Miss Sherlock” – the debut production from HBO Asia and Japan-based Hulu – will premiere in 20 territories across Asia on both platforms on April 27.

The eight-episode detective series can be streamed on HBO and HBO Go, AIS Play and AIS Playbox at 9am and 9pm that day, and new episodes will appear every Friday.

In a bold interpretation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, women take the central roles of Holmes and his crime-solving partner Dr John Watson. Yuko Takeuchi appears as Sherlock and Shihori Kanjiya as Dr Wato Tachibana.

Dr Tachibana is a surgeon recently returned from a voluntary medical mission to Syria. Holmes is portrayed more traditionally – the police regularly tap him for help when they’re struggling with a difficult case. 

Throughout the series, the pair solves mystery after mystery, mainly thanks to Miss Sherlock’s extraordinary powers of observation and reasoning.

Kenichi Takit is another cast regular, playing crafty police inspector Reimon, seeking to leverage Holmes’ talents to advance his own career. Tomoya Nakamura plays Sergeant Shibata, a conservative male chauvinist. 

Yukiyoshi is Kento Futaba, Sherlock’s older brother. Ryohei Otani is Dr Tachibana’s potential love interest. And Ran Ito plays Sherlock’s widowed landlord, Kimie Hatano. 

The female version of Sherlock was indeed born in England, but chose to move to Japan after losing both parents in a plane accident that left her emotionally detached to everything and everyone around her. 

Tachibana’s parents are both doctors, but they were appalled when she decided to join the mission to Syria. Her life changes when she meets Holmes at a crime scene on her return home.