A great year for Sony Pictures

movie & TV February 16, 2018 15:15


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Sony Pictures enjoyed a record-breaking 2017 at Thailand’s box office, racking up Bt800 million with the new “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Jumanji” from tickets sales alone.

The two blockbusters smashed the company’s box office record in Thailand by surpassing “2012”, a disaster movie which had held the company’s top grossing record since 2009. They were among the top 5 highest grossing films in the country’s yearend box office poll, which is calculated on accumulative revenues from total ticket sales at box officees of all multiplex theatres in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

Sony Pictures Entertainment (Thailand) debuted its standalone distribution trade in Thailand in April and quickly became the most lucrative in 20 years for Sony Pictures as a Hollywood movie distributor in the kingdom. Releasing 19 films nationwide last year, the company earned Bt805 million in total.

“Spider-Man” led the pack as a victorious blockbuster racking up more than Bt270 million in tickets sales across country. The young and most visceral webslinger swung high above all previous Spiderman movies ever released in Thailand. 

“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”, the action-fantasy reboot, has earned Bt165 million since its release last December.

Other films that helped generate success were “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”, “Life”, “Smurfs”, “The Lost Village”, “Dark Tower”, “Baby Driver” and “Blade Runner 2049”.

The small budget sci-fi film “The Arrival” opened the year with Bt40 million. Running not far behind was “The Dark Tower” which earned nearly Bt35-million. “Life” under-performed but still led the box office in Southeast Asia.

“I consider the modest revenue of Bt30 million from “Baby Driver” as a satisfactory contribution since the offbeat teen action-drama has no big stars. “The Resident Evil” prequel garnered Bt120 million from ticket sales. “Blade Runner 2049” hid its sharp blade under Bt50 million,” says Rachata Theerabutr, managing director of Sony Entertainment (Thailand).

“Sony Thailand has ventured into the niche market and found success with rather small but high quality movies such as “T2: Trainspotting”, “20th Century Women”, “Professor Marston & The Wonder Woman” and “Call Me By Your Name”, which screened as part of the arthouse favourites in the “Sony@House campaign, a joint-project between Sony Picture Classic/Tristar Picture and House RCA,” he adds.

“Sony Pictures is a studio that provides high quality and a wide variety film products for every audience. Marketing varies from film to film. For blockbusters cases we deploy the marketing campaign to expand our target audiences outside the core-market and use a different approach for smaller films or arthouse favourites,” says Dujdao Prohmobol, marketing executive director.

Sony Pictures lineup for this year includes the live-action/CGI animations “Peter Rabbit” and “Hotel Transylvania 3: Monster Vacation”. Denzel Washington will be back as a hard hitman in high-octane action sequel “The Equalizer 2”. Also coming up are “Alpha”, Columbia Pictures and Marvels studio’s new project “Venom”, the spooky sequel Goosebumps: Horrorland”, and “The Girl in the Spider’s Web”.