Chris Jaffe, Vice President of Product Innovation at Netflix
Chris Jaffe, Vice President of Product Innovation at Netflix

Driving the future of entertainment in 2018 and beyond

movie & TV January 22, 2018 08:53

By Chris Jaffe
Special to The Nation

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Watching your favourite shows and films is better today than ever before, and the reality is that your entertainment experience in 2018 is only going to get better.

For anyone who has become immersed in video on demand over the last year, they will recognize the many ways that watching TV today is a far better experience than in even in the recent past. Much of this has to do with entertainment shifting online. Today, people can watch videos wherever they want - from smartphones to tablets, laptops to smart TVs. It is not prime-time but on my-time. With the accessibility that the internet brings, we're seeing across Asia that consumers are streaming their favourite shows on between 3-5 internet connected devices.

We know that people in Thailand  love their entertainment and are embracing this  new era. For example, with the most recent season of Stranger Things, we found that Thai Netflix users were the fastest binge racers in Asia Pacific. Like many of their global counterparts, they binge through their favorite shows across multiple devices. Thai Netflix users are amongst the top users of our mobile downloads feature around the world. They may be watching at the gym while on a treadmill or on the BTS while commuting to work using a tablet or mobile device. We also see people in Thailand are enjoying stories on big TV screens in the comfort of their own living rooms. Today, 41 percent of Netflix viewing hours in Thailand being through connected TVs, including Smart TVs, game consoles and Chromecasts.

There are some key reasons why the quality of video on demand TV is skyrocketing.

During my seven years with Netflix, I've witnessed immense growth in terms of quality and quantity of content available online. Consumers globally for the first time have instant, affordable access to high quality storytelling from around the world, suitable for every age, taste, and culture. At Netflix, we're investing over US8 billion this year on content, offering something for everyone from drama to comedy series, from docu-series, to stand-up specials to films. At the same time, we offer more and more localized programming, and provide Thais with a Thai language interface, and subtitles or dubbing.

Another reason why I think entertainment will be ever better in 2018, is the level of personalization that can be enjoyed when watching online. We strive to give every one of our 109 million subscribers their own, highly personalized version of Netflix. What this means is that Netflix is constantly learning about what individuals like, to recommend content they'll most enjoy based on their unique tastes and preferences -- all while surfacing a diverse assortment of stories they otherwise wouldn't have discovered.    

The other aspect of online entertainment that makes it so appealing is that technology is ensuring the best audio-visual experience becomes increasingly accessible right in consumers' homes. Now  they can stay-in for their favourite shows in 4K, HDR and Surround Sound. As manufacturers continue to evolve internet-connected devices to get better and better, in time, this experience will even be available not just on your connected TV, but eventually in your pocket as well.

Stories have always played an important part in people's lives. They teach us, inspire us and simply entertain us. And innovation today has made entertainment as enjoyable as it's ever been.  The fact is that great stories, along with great technology, drive our business forward. In  2018, we're excited to be bringing an even better experience to Netflix users in Thailand and around the world.  

(Chris Jaffe is Vice President of Product Innovation at Netflix)