Cinema freak-out ‘Eraserhead’ to be screened

movie & TV September 07, 2017 09:25

By The Nation

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“Eraserhead”, one of the most-discussed cult films of all time, will be screened as part of “Cinema Diverse 2017: The Invisible Hands” on September 23 at 5pm.

That’s in the fifth-floor auditorium of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. An American movie, it’s in English, but Thai subtitles will be added.

Admission is Bt60. Find out more at (02) 214 6630-8, extension 530.

Nopawat Likitwong, sound designer on such critically acclaimed Thai films as “Pee Mak”, “The Teacher’s Diary” and “The Blue Hour” and the foreign features “Operation Mekong” and “The Brink”, chose “Eraserhead” for this latest screening.

Afterwards he’ll discuss the important role that sound plays in cinema.

Written, produced and directed by David Lynch, “Eraserhead”, released in 1977, follows Henry Spencer, an unfortunate labourer left to care for his deformed child in a desolate industrial landscape.

Spencer experiences nightmares and hallucinations triggered by living with his angry girlfriend and the unbearable screams of his newborn child.

He and his girlfriend aren’t the only ones gradually driven crazy. Audiences routinely squirm in anguish through what Lynch called “a dream of dark and troubling things”.

The sound design of “Eraserhead” is one of its defining elements. There are constant industrial sounds providing low-level background noise.

Lynch had Alan Splet evoke the crashes and thuds of heavy machinery while imbuing the whole movie with a “rusted, deteriorating” quality, earning praise for the film as a masterpiece of “audio surrealism”.