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By Paisal Chuenprasaeng
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With the Pixelmator app, you can turn a boring snapshot into an exciting portrait

PIXELMATOR is an app that lets you easily retouch your photos and enhance them by sketching or painting using the Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro.

Several templates are provided, allowing you to create stunning collages or add beautiful frames to your photos. For example, you can add a blurred edge frame or a round-corner frame to a snap you particularly like.

Seven templates help you turn your photos into greeting cards while six others work to turn them into posters with text.

The biggest draw, though, are the 12 templates you can use to add fun and stunning effects to your photos, among them superimposing a rain drop effect.

There are also templates to add Light Bokeh effect, Sunbeams effect, Light Leak effect and Colour Rays effect.

Other templates can make your photos look old, faded or washed-out – just like those in the old family albums.

You start work by selecting a template and then tap the “plus” sign on it to add a photo, or photos in case of collages, to the template and it’s done.

But you can also start working from a blank template by simply opening a photo file to edit.

The app supports PSD, JPEG, PNG and several other popular formats. You can open, edit and save Photoshop images with layers without worrying that your original image files might get damaged.

Pixelmator takes full advantage of the latest iOS 12 features and technologies, giving you innovative, fast, and powerful tools. It’s engineered to leverage the full power of 64-bit architecture, Metal, Core Image, and Core Animation. I found during the test on an iPad Pro 10.5 inch that Pixelmator delivered fast performance and real-time responsiveness. The app also supports Apple Pencil stylus for precisely retouching your image, such as erasing unwanted background items.

When you open a file to edit, you’ll find the tool menu at the top right corner of the screen. Click on it for options for painting and erasing the photo, retouching it, distorting it, adjusting colours and adding effects as well as selecting and cropping.

The app provides six tools for retouching –Repair, Lighten, Darken, Clone, Sharpen, Soften, Smudge, Saturate and Desaturate.

Six tools for distorting photos are also provided, namely Warp, Bump, Pinch, Twirl Left, Twirl Right and Restore. For example, you can use Pinch to squeeze an area of an image and the Restore is used to restore distorted areas.

The Adjust Colours tool provides six colour effects to apply on your photos –Vibrant, Rich, Warm, Sepia, Bright, Matte, B&W and Invert.

The Effects menu is fun to use. It provides several more effects than those provided in the templates and each choice comes with several more sub-choices.

The effects include Blur, Sharpen, Vignette, Noise, Vintage, Light Leak, Bokeh, Miniature and Focus. For example, when you select Bokeh, you can find seven choices of Bokeh effects, including Magnolia, Amber, Emerald, Apricot and Ruby. When you choose a Bokeh effect, you drag the effect to reposition the light dots on the screen and you can also rotate them to get the best result.

The Focus effect is also fun to use. You can put the focus on your face and blur the rest of photo, for example. You can also adjust the level of blur from zero to 100 per cent.

When you select the crop tool, you will find several aspect ratios, including 2:3, 3:2, 3:5, 8:10, 9:16, 16:9 and 19.5:9.

Pixelmator is now in version 2.4.3, which has been updated to be compatible with iOS 12 with a few additional improvements and fixes.

The app costs only Bt199 and therefore comes highly recommended as it lets you create stunning photos worth much more than the app’s price.

>> Seller: UAB Pixelmator Team

>> Size: 145.7 MB

>> Category: Photo & Video

>> Requires: iOS 9.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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>> English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

>> Age Rating: Rated 4+

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>> Price: Bt199