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lifestyle September 01, 2018 01:00

By Paisal Chuenprasaeng
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A new robot vacuum allows you to get rid of dust and animal hair at the touch of a button

IF CLEANING your home has become a real chore, lighten up your load with the new generation cleaning assistant from Xiaomi – the Mi Robot Vacuum. 

The Mi Robot Vacuum is part of Xiaomi’s Mi Ecosystem series of devices and boasts a brain made from the Allwinner Arm Cortex quad-core processor, the STMicroelectronics Arm Cortex co-processor and Texas Instruments LDS image processor.

The brain is assisted by all kinds of sensors including the Laser Distance Sensor (LDS), ultrasonic, cliff, wall, collision, fan speed, drop and dustbin sensors plus an electronic compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, and speedometer, resulting in smooth and safe operations.

Mi Robot Vacuum can clean your living room or bedroom by using its LDS and SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) algorithm.

Xiaomi explains that the LDS does a 360-degree scan of the floor space around it at 1,800 times per second and then uses 11 sensors to offer navigational routes for the cleaning. The three processors use the obtained data to generate a real-time map and calculate the most efficient cleaning route by using the SLAM algorithm and advanced positioning technology.

The vacuum cleaner has strong sucking power to ensure your floor will be dustless thanks to a strong 1800Pa brushless motor from Nidec. Its powerful suction allows the Mi Robot Vacuum to suck up all kinds of debris effortlessly, leaving its cleaning path dust and dirt free.

The vacuum cleaner has a good battery life that ensures it can finish cleaning with each charge. It uses a large, high-density lithium-ion battery rated at 5200mAh 14.4V to provide up to 2.5 hours cleaning of up 250 square metres on one single charge. 

Thanks to its highly accurate positioning ability, the resume function allows the Mi Robot Vacuum to return to where it left off last time after automatically recharging at its dock if battery runs out in the middle of its cycle.

Mi Robot Vacuum comes in two pieces - the cleaning robot and the charging dock. The vacuum cleaner has a footprint of 345mm x 345mm x 96mm while its charging dock measures at 230mm x 109mm x 129mm. The cleaner weighs about 3.8 kilogrammes.

One of the two buttons on the top is used to start the cleaning, which the Mi Robot will confirm using a voice guide. 

When the robot finishes sweeping, the voice guide announces its completion of the task and the robot will return to the spot where it started to dock. 

If you are keeping the charging dock in the living room and have taken the Mi Robot Vacuum to the bedroom, you will need bring it back and place it near the charging dock before pressing the home button. Once, the robot cleaner finds the dock, it will gradually lift itself to connect. While normal cleaning can be initiated using the two buttons found on the device, more functions can be accessed by connecting the Mi Robot Vacuum to the Mi Home app via Wi-Fi. To use the app, you must first register for an account with Xiaomi’s server.

You can use the app as a remote control, view maps generated, monitor real time cleaning progress and sweeping paths, as well as set the schedule and select cleaning modes (quiet, balanced, turbo and max).

After you have downloaded and installed Mi Home, you must lift the lid of the vacuum cleaner and then press two buttons simultaneously until its Wi-Fi indicator starts to blink.

You then have to press the scan button in the Mi Home app and when Mi Robot Vacuum appears in the menu, you can add it to the list of devices. Then, you have to assign your home Wi-Fi router’s SSID or identification name and password for the Mi Robot Vacuum to be linked to your home Wi-Fi router. Your smartphone must also be linked to the same W-Fi router for you to use Mi Home app to access and customise functions of the vacuum cleaner.

I found during the test that Mi Robot Vacuum is noisy when turned to the max and turbo cleaning modes. The quiet mode was a little less noisy but this is not a quiet machine, so be prepared.

I also found that Mi Robot Vacuum was really effective in cleaning the floor. It swept throughout my bedroom and removed all the cat hair. Its cliff sensors worked effectively. I had the vacuum cleaner clean the bed and it did not fall off the edge. 

When its dust retainer is full, Mi Robot will blink in red at the two control buttons and give you a voice guide for you to empty it. You remove the dust retainer just by lifting the lid. Mi Robot Vacuum is available in Thailand for Bt12,990 at Mi stores and major IT stores.

Key Specs

Processors: Allwinner Arm Cortex quad-core processor; STMicroelectronics Arm Cortex co-processor ; Texas Instruments LDS image processor 

Sensors : Laser Distance Sensor (LDS), ultrasonic sensor, cliff sensors, wall sensor, collision sensor, fan speed sensor, drop sensor, dustbin sensor, electronic compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, speedometer 

Motor : Ultra-high 1800Pa suction Nidec brushless motor 

Connectivity : Wi-Fi smart connect ; Mi Home app supported for remote control 

Dimensions: 345mm x 345mm x 96mm 

Charging dock's dimensions: 230mm x 109mm x 129mm

Weight: 3.8kg 

Battery : LG/Panasonic 5200mAh Li-ion battery; Working time: 2.5 hours ; Voltage: 14.4V , power: 55W ; Dock input: 100 - 240V; Dock output: 20V, 2.2A 

Package includes: Mi Robot Vacuum x 1, charging dock x 1, power cable x 1, main brush cleaning tool x 1, user manual x 1, quick guide x 1