In celebration of Indonesia

lifestyle August 27, 2018 17:17

By The Nation

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Discover the very best Indonesian products this week as six of the country’s most noteworthy brands bring their crafts to Bangkok in “Remarkable Indonesia”, continuing at Exploratorium on the fourth floor of Siam Discovery through Sunday.

Among the brands is Lungsin, a modern reflection of Indonesian cultural heritage inspired by traditional hand-woven textile, which offers casual and formal accessories in a blend of East and West designs. 

Apip’s Batik is presented by well-known designer and artist, Afif Syakur, who has brought the batik culture of Pekalongan to his gallery in Yogyakarta, where he showcases more than 4,000 pieces of vintage batik while producing some 200 new pieces every month. The textiles have their own characteristics and designs, which utilise patterns from all over Indonesia in modern colours. 

Wignyo Tenun Gaya is a local fashion brand that uses ethnic fabric for a modern ready-to-wear collection designed and developed by Wignyo Rahadi, the deputy chairman of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber. The products are well known and loved by their loyal clients because of the quality of the hand-woven fabrics and the simple designs.

Batik Kemayu, a brand established by Finny Sigar, an Indonesian national residing in Thailand, actively promotes Indonesian batik and other traditional fabrics.

“Remarkable Indonesia” also includes jewellery by Runi Palar, created for those who value individualism and which makes precious, one-of-a-kind talismans. 

Ugari Collection, meanwhile, offers brooches, necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings in exclusive designs characterised by traditional Indonesian motifs.