Tables that scream ‘Marimekko’

lifestyle July 07, 2018 01:00

By Kupluthai Pungkanon
The Nation

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The Finnish brand introduces its new summer houseware collection to Bangkok

WITH MORE than half of the year spent in near darkness, the Finns understandably like to get the most out of their two-month summer. Some head to music festivals, others enjoy a slow life at their summer cottages, swimming, fishing and cooking while still others enjoy picnics with friends and family. 

And in true Finnish fashion, Marimekko is inspired by these summer picnics for its latest line of home accessories.

Tanachira Group, the brand’s sole distributor in Thailand, recently launched the Marimekko summer 2018 “Sweetness Home” collection, mimicking a fun and vibrant picnic ambience for Thais to enjoy at home. 

Lifestyle guru Panida “Tukta” Iemsirinoppakul was on hand at the launch to demonstrate a table setting that showcases Marimekko’s fabulous prints. These combine new takes on the iconic archive patterns created in 1960s and 1970s by Maija Isola and Annika Rimala with contemporary prints by younger-generation designers Carina Seth Andersson, Maija Louekari and Aino-Maija Metsola in a colour chart that varies from sky blue to summer yellow and vibrant pink.

Sitanan “Jib” Wuttivej completed the summer picnic with specially curated drinks and desserts including Peach Caramel and Orange Earl Grey scones, Orange Chocolate Weekend Cake and Apple Pear Crumble served on Marimekko’s plates and trays while Jiranya “Yi” Srisawek, the owner of Furawa Desu, was on hand to create flower arrangements for the picnic table. 

“It’s winter almost all year round in Finland, so when the temperatures go up from May to August, and the sun doesn’t set at all, people celebrate their all-too-short summer,” says Praewpailyn Aimaksorn, marketing manager. 

“For the collection, the design team took their inspiration from personal growth stories – the path they have walked to become who they are today. They also looked to Marimekko’s rich heritage that serves as a seedbed for its designs of today. The prints of all woven cotton and linen items in the collection were finished at Marimekko’s in-house factory in Helsinki, where around a million metres of fabric are printed every year. The printing mill serves both as a factory and as an innovative hub for Marimekko’s creative community,” she adds. 

For the table Panida mixed and matched the new prints with the brand’s timeless design home collection, using Oiva/Mynsteri mugs and plates decorated with the blue lace-like flowers of the Mynsteri pattern. 

Also making an appearance was the yellow glass vase Urna, which is mouth-blown and designed by Carina Seth-Andersson, the classic Pieni Unikko pattern in beige, off white and blue, stoneware and accessories including cotton cushion covers, tea towels, pot holders, aprons and oven mittens. All fabrics go through an environmentally friendly printing process. 

“Marimekko homeware is colourful and boasts prints that not only looks beautiful but also have strong characters. Surprisingly though, the patterns and colours never clash, even if you choose to mix purple with orange. Customers can have so much fun mixing and matching,” says Panida, who admits to being a long-time fan of the Finnish brand. 

“For the picnic theme, I added cool items like a Panama hat, woven bag, and Marimekko scarf. The scarf is versatile, it can be used on the shoulders, to cover the table or on the ground. Picnics at home are a great way for guests to enjoy the summer’s inspirations and vibrant dining.”