You too can be a millionaire

lifestyle May 24, 2018 13:50

By The Nation

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Celebrated Canadian life-coach Michael Bolduc will return to Thailand on July 21 to lead a seminar on “The Science of Achievement” at the KBank Siam Pic-Ganesha Theatre.

Bolduc shares his experiences dating back to a traumatic childhood. When he was just seven years old, his father murdered his mother. The relatives to whom young Bolduc was trusted abandoned him and by 16 he was living on the street. He ended up with a chronic stutter and was incapable of acquiring any job that involved speech.

The authorities eventually found him a job cutting grass at a golf course, during which time he stumbled on the phrase that changed his life forever: “Winners are made, not born.”

He’d always believed success either happened or it didn’t. Realising that success is a skill that can be learned proved to be earth shattering.

Bolduc read countless books about success, but the trial-and-error approach failed time and again. Then, at yet another success seminar – which he declared would be his last – he discovered the coaching path. 

Already living the life of a quitter, allowing obstacles to derail him from his desired path, as well as the life of trial and error, seeking success in all the wrong corners, he saw coaching as a refreshing opportunity to give success another go. It just seemed so simple – hire somebody who already has what you want, allow them to teach you just how they got it.

Within just two months of hiring his coach, Michael had increased his income by 600 per cent. How? He listened. He heard what worked and what didn’t work, he followed instructions and he allowed it all to motivate him.

This experience kept Michael a student, and in just three years he became a millionaire, going on to build four successful companies with revenues approaching US$4 million a year. Thus far his online businesses alone have generated over $25 million.

Balduc has taught more than 1,000 individuals to increase their income an average of 41 per cent in just 60 days, bringing his proven strategies and expertise into each of his sessions. Those ready to follow his proven scientific formula set themselves up for guaranteed success, acquiring a “millionaire mentor” in process.

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