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lifestyle March 20, 2018 10:25

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Bangkok Community Theatre (BCT)’s latest production, William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” comes to the third floor Conference room of BNH Hospital from Thursday (March 22).

“As You Like It" explores the giddy excitement and dizzying foibles of love and is a perfect springtime entertainment. Along with wit and humor the play includes songs, a wrestling match and romance galore. 


The play begins when Rosalind escapes into Arden forest and adopts the persona of a man to get close to her beloved Orlando. But when Phoebe, a Shepard falls for her male disguise, Rosalind must untangle the web of deceptions she has woven to win her true love. Touchstone the clown goes with them to cast a comic sceptical eye on the proceedings. All ends well as the play ends with the marriage of four couples and love (with a little help from Rosalind) unties all the knots.


“As You Like It” will be performed at BNH hospital in the same kind of stripped-down upclose style that BCT’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ was presented in last year. The simplicity and the closeness give the audience unique access to the play and helps them understand the text, the characters and the relationships.


All 22 roles in the play will be played by 8 actors, namely Prashanti Subramaniam, Ric Hizon, Hannah Davis, Alf Collett, Cian Green, Lindsey Higgs, Marie Louise Pante and Meg Anderso.

Performances start at 7.30pm and the play is being staged from March 22-24 and again from March 29-31. 

Tickets cost Bt500 at

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