Russell Peters will be at Impact Arena on March 4
Russell Peters will be at Impact Arena on March 4

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Comedian Russell Peters heads back to Bangkok to tell us why he’s being “deported”

One of the most popular comedians on the current standup circuit, Russell Peters returns to Bangkok for the third time next month with his brand new “Deported” show.

Peters last toured Asia in 2015 and 2016 and sold out each performance here in the City of Angels. “I’ve been building the new act in clubs across the States over the past year and I’m very happy with it,” he says.

Now a resident of California, the Canadian of Indian descent recently returned to live touring after taking time out to film “The Indian Detective” for Netflix. The series also stars Anupam Kher, William Shatner, Christina Cole and Mishqah Parthiephal. 

For “Deported”, he will share the stage with Jake Johannsen, a muchloved raconteur of weird stories and a David Letterman favourite.

Peters recently took time out to answer a few questions.



What would you say was the highlight of your 20year career? 

The highlight would have to be the first time that I played and soldout The Air Canada Centre in my hometown of Toronto in 2007. It was very emotional for me – which surprised me. I wasn’t expecting it to be. It was great. And, by the way, I’m coming up to three decades as a comedian. I started in 1989.

You’ve been in comedy for so long. How do you keep yourself inspired? How do continue getting new material? 

Being comedian is a calling. It’s what I have to do. I have to get onstage the same way that someone “has” to be a doctor or a teacher. I can’t not do it.

The hardest part is coming up with new material. But I took a lot of time off after the recording of my last special, “Almost Famous”. I spent time working on “The Indian Detective”, but as soon as it was done, I started hitting up clubs around LA and gradually built my new act over the past year.

The social networks expose us to many new comedians. How hard is it to remain relevant?

It takes at least eight years for a comedian to find his or her voice. So it’ll be interesting to see where some of the new kids land as they get better at their craft. For me, doing standup is something that I have to do. It’s my calling. I guess the fact that I still love doing it after almost 30 years keeps me in the game.

After starring in the Netflix series and also playing roles in big screen movies, which is harder – being a comedydrama actor or a standup comedian?

Acting isn’t hard, it’s fun, but it’s time consuming and when you’re onset for 14 hours, it starts to feel like real work! Comedy is my calling and I love it, but I really enjoyed making “The Indian Detective” and some of the movies that I have coming out this year.

How do people respond to your series? What is your next project?

Overall people seem to have really liked “The Indian Detective”. I was surprised by how much people liked it; you spend like five years developing something, prepping, filming, postproduction – you lose perspective and start to wonder if anyone is going to like this thing you’ve created. But, people liked it, so I’m happy.

Please say something to Thai audiences about why they shouldn’t miss your show.

Bangkok, you guys have always been awesome audiences and I can’t wait to see you with all this new material!

Lots of laughs

- The “Russell Peters Deported” show is at Impact Exhibition Hall 1, Muang Thong Thani on March 4.

- Tickets costing from Bt2,000 are now on sale at Thai Ticket Major counters and online at