Beat ageing, fly to Geneva

lifestyle January 17, 2018 17:25

By The Nation

The new Nescens Clinique de Genolier in Geneva, Switzerland, is being promoted as a preventive medicine and antiageing destination.

Nestled above Lake Geneva, the clinic focuses on the detection, prevention and treatment of pathologies linked to ageing.

The expertise required includes preventive and regenerative medicine, genetic screening, nutrition, management of the physical body, without neglecting aesthetic medicine and antiageing programmes. 

In 5,000 square metres, customers can organise short, medium and longterm stays in residences and enjoy fivestar hotel services, gastronomic offers and much more.  

The innovative concept comes from Professor Jacques Proust, a pioneer in the biology of ageing and antiageing medicine who shares 25 years knowledge, experience and expertise with his patients.

It incorporates all the activities of the Centre of Preventive Medicine with its highly personalised medical checkups (Essential, Essential Woman Plus, Advanced, Advanced Woman Plus, Excellence, Excellence Woman Plus, and Excellence Onco Plus for men and women).

“Men’s Health” is a complete package targeting the prevention and treatment of malespecific and agerelated pathologies. You could benefit from expertise in physiotherapy and sport coaching and other medical and aesthetic activities.

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