• Conscious Being is a colour palette that symbolises the future.
  • Essential Balance reflects the sense of calm that urbanites need.

Painting the year in shades of peace

lifestyle January 07, 2018 01:00

By The Sunday Nation

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Nippon Paint Decorative Coatings (Thailand) unveils its colour charts for 2018

AT THIS time of the year, the buzz is all about colour. The latest to unveil its hues for 2018/2019 is Nippon Paint Decorative Coatings (Thailand) and it’s come up with four palettes that will play important roles in driving the design patterns of the future.

The company brought together more than 60 Asian design professionals and Colour Hive, a colour forecaster from London, England to brainstorm and identify the various trends that were observed during the year, so as to come up a range of palettes that satisfy both consumers and designers.

“The key trends that will drive the most popular colour palettes are Changing Space, a design trend that focuses on transparency and reflection of light; Humanised Tech, which emphasises the relation between man and machine; Time Alone, which reflects peoples’ needs in getting away from the confusion of a large city; and Life on the Edge, which is the important trend among adventure seekers,” says the company’s colour marketing trend expert Nuntamon Tangdamrongtham.

“In addition to taking note of these trends, the colour palettes also relied on the most popular tendencies, among them Water World, a space that people are looking to discover, and Full Immersion, which allows people to experience colours with all their senses. These trends are important elements that must be taken into consideration in matching the palettes with consumers and designers. 

“These colour palettes from Nippon Paint will help consumers to find their preferred tones more comfortably while designers will have a variety of options that can be easily applied in helping them create more outstanding designs that will appeal to society.” 

The four inspirational colour palettes for this year and next are:

Transient Glow is a palette of imagination with dreamlike colours. Each colour comprises hidden movements that catch the eye. The layers of transparency and light refraction create an interesting experience. When the colours are blended into the design, they turn it into an eye-catching, fun work, one that creates positive feeling and stimulates creativity in the viewer.

Conscious Being is a colour palette that symbolises the future. Smarter technology, the blurring of lines between man and machine, and the exciting evolution of nature are the factors that make this colour palette perfect for the digital era. This colour tone imbues the viewer with a feeling of power for the future and a sense of poise, while stirring unexpected feelings of excitement.

Essential Balance reflects the sense of calm that urbanites need. Combining simplicity with a touch of nature, the tone makes the viewer feel balanced and warm, bringing elegance and restoring a sense of order to a confused world.

Seeking Adventure creates the experience of a wonderful escapade. Each colour represents the excitement of adventure perfectly. From the blue of the deep ocean to the reds signifying risk and adventure, each tone stimulates excitement in the observer.