There’s nothing like a good book

lifestyle October 23, 2017 09:25


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The Culture Ministry’s Department of Cultural Promotion has joined up with the Books For Children Foundation to introduce a range of children’s books as part of the “100 Great Books for Children and Youth 2017” project. The books are available at the Book Expo Thailand 2017, which continues through October 29, and a seminar is being held to explain their value to teachers and parents.

“Reading is the best foundation for quality learning and development. Books help us experience other points of view and find solutions to problems in life,” said Culture Minister Veera Rojpojanarat.

“This project urges parents and teachers to encourage reading from the earliest age to help their young charges develop. More than 100 children’s books for all ages are available at the Books For Children Foundation’s booth as well as from several publishers participating this event. We are grateful to Chulalongkorn University Book Centre, Asia Books, and SE-ED Books Centre for their support,” he added.


“The project aims to promote the reading culture from this year through to 2021 in line with the commission’s policy to support reform in sports, arts, culture, religion, morals and ethics and ensure children, youth and the public in rural areas have better opportunities,” said Pradit Posew, deputy director-general of the department.

The 100 great books for children and youth are divided into different age ranges: there are four books for children younger than 12 months, 15 books for 13 years old, 30 books for 46 years old, 24 books for 7-11 years old and 27 books for 12-18 years old.

Culture Minister Veera presented certificates to 25 printers, among them Praew Puen Dek, Hello Kids, Happy Kids, Aksara For Kids, Prapakarn Publishing, Press @ Kids, Sataporn Books, Nanmee Books, Reading Party, Combang Publishing, Mingmit Publishing, Praew Juvenile, Sarakadee Press, Adult, Matichon, Free Form, Wattana Panich, Bhannakij, Salmon Books, and Amarin Comics.


“The selection of books is very important in encouraging children to read and learn and their parents to support them. Books, featuring illustrations and big-size letters, are easy to understand and that makes both reader and listener happy," said Suthathip Tatchayapong, the project’s chief.


“Children like to learn but they only pay attention if we don’t pressure them. That makes the selection of children’s books a hard task. But we are confident that kids from all regions of the country will enjoy the content,” said Pojjaman Pongpaiboon, director of Education Innovation Development, Office of the Basic Education Commission.

Check out the children’s books at booth Y09 or find out more at or