Expedia digs into ‘magic, mayhem’ of family trips

lifestyle September 23, 2017 01:00

By The Nation

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Parents going on vacation with their children tend to experience “more mystery and mayhem than magic”, according to a survey released on Thursday.

But Thai and South Korean teenagers are far more likely to travel twice a year or more with their family than any other of the other 26 countries surveyed. 

Expedia.co.th, the Thai wing of the Expedia group, the world’s largest full-service travel website, had NorthStar survey 300 parents, 200 teens and 100 non-parents among the 17, 000 people in 28 countries polled for the “Importance of Family Travel” study. 

“Family travellers tell us all too often that travelling with your children involves more mystery and mayhem than magic,” said Simon Fiquet, general manager for Southeast Asia and India. 

“We care about researching and improving the family-travel experience because many of us at Expedia are family travellers ourselves, and we want to ensure that all families can find their travel magic the way the experts do.” 

Almost everyone surveyed goes on vacation at least once a year with their family, but in some countries, most teens and their parents go twice a year, or even more. Non-parents tend to only go once a year. 

Regional differences are striking, with those in Asia, Southern Europe, and Mexico, the most likely to prioritise getting away with their family as often as they can. 

South Korean travellers are the most committed to travelling with their family, with 74 per cent of teens getting away more than twice a year, along with 68 per cent of parents and 57 per cent of non-parents. 

Hong Kong travellers were the least likely to get out more than once a year, with just 29 per cent of teens, 25 per cent of parents, and 21 per cent of non-parents taking a family vacation more than once a year. 

Teens across the world go on family vacations quite frequently, with many Asian countries reporting large majorities of teens who go on family vacation twice a year or more. 

Thai and South Korean teens were much more likely to travel twice a year or more with their family (74 per cent) than any other country surveyed. 

 Compared to their counterparts elsewhere in Asia, Thai parents travel much less frequently than their teenagers with 74 per cent Thai teens travelling a lot more than their parents, at 58 per cent. 

Hong Kong was one of the countries that ranked the least likely of all countries to take a family vacation twice a year or more at 29 per cent. 

Parents are also quite likely to travel twice a year or more on family vacation, led by Asian parents. South Korean (68 per cent) and Mexican parents (60 per cent) are the most likely to report going on family vacation twice a year or more. 

Parents in Hong Kong (25 per cent) and Denmark (30 per cent) were the least likely to go on more than one family vacation each year.